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Funding Advice

Every biz enterprise and projects require financing to grow. Without adequate financing, the biz enterprise’s growth will be stagnant, working capital inadequate, cash flow will have problems, etc.

How to fund the financing requirements depends on what type of funds are available in the market, the cost of funding, the strategic needs of the organization, the period required and which banks can provide such funds, etc.

Different types of funds are designed for different types of applications. The range of Financial Products is so diverse that you have to match the funds to your requirements. Eventhough traditional bankers may not want to take extra risks, there are venture capitalists and angel investors who are willing to put in smart money to fund a start-up project or during its early growth stage.

Have you consider using offshore funds? have a company in a tax haven country? how Labuan works as an international offshore financial centre? Click here to know more ..

You may want to know how bankers and financiers evaluate credit proposals; what type of information and questions they always ask and how to prepare a proper business plan to them; and why some can obtain the credit easily while many are rejected.

Most of the complications in obtaining funds can be overcome if you get the assistance from our strategic partners who can assist you to evaluate your funding requirements, sourcing the right funds, preparing the necessary proposals and follow through until you obtain letter of offer.


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