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The Stock Exchange


Check KLSE real time stock quotations here 

Click here to give you real time* quotations (trading) of KLSE stock  (* updated every two minutes)

Live KLSE Quotes by Bernama News Agency

Check latest stock market news around the world

The objective of any investments is to maximize the return for investors.

For biz people who are owners or shareholders, your ultimate aim is to maximize the shareholders' wealth by maximizing the share price.

You can quickly access to the fast changing financial info in the various stock exchanges, commodity exchanges and currency quotations to make better decisions. 


Look at the major stock exchanges of the world
Click here to access to all the major stock exchanges in the world: from North America, Europe to whole of Asia, African Sub-Continent and South America.

Look at the major stock indexes and charts

Analysis of some major stocks on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Instant checking of corporate data of KLSE listed companies

Here you can check the corporate information of public companies listed in the KLSE.

Instant checking of Who's Who on the KLSE

Here you can access to corporate database, do a quick search of shareholder ownership and directors' beneficial interest, and also find out some fundamental and technical of companies listed on the KLSE.

Instant checking of the worlds richest people/family

Here you can check the world's richest people in the Forbes' billionaires list. Forbes still ranks Robert Kuok as No. 1 in Malaysia with networth of US$4.5 billion.

Participating in stock discussions and forums

Here you can find how Malaysia's contra players, the equivalent of US "day traders", are monitoring the ebb and flow of the market

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