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The Malaysian biz laws, rules and regulations follow closely that of United Kingdom and Australia.

The principal law that governs corporate entities is the Companies Act, 1965. All companies whether private or public must be registered with the Registrar of Companies. Once registered, they are subjected to the Company Laws, Rules & Regulations. As for partnerships, they are regulated by the Partnership Act.

The Contract Act governs most biz transactions and contractual agreements between mutual parties. It helps to settle trade disputes, disagreements and decide on degree of damages. 

If you want to draft your own simple agreements, understand the meanings of certain laws, rules & regulations, you can refer to our Expert Advice. However, for complicated agreements and legal opinion, we advise you to consult a advocate & solicitor.

If an individual is not able to pay its debts, the creditor has rights to sue him for bankruptcy. All the procedures of making an individual bankrupt is govern by the Bankruptcy Laws and Regulations

Malaysia is practicing open economy. Many of our biz people are exporting globally and at the same time foreign investors are investing heavily in Malaysia. Our government has established proper Trade Mark laws to protect the trade marks and brand names of companies and products, Patent laws to protect the designs and inventions of entrepreneurs and stringent Copyright laws to protect the intellectual properties of the creator, designer or writer.

You can also get more detail help from our Expert Advice by subscribing as a Member. In this section, we have solutions on solving peculiar shareholders problems, directors dilemma, sample agreements on trust, call & put options, shareholders agreements, MoU, joint-venture & technical assistance agreements and more ..

To find our more about the legal profession, you can go to the Legal Directory- Malaysia, Legal Links - Malaysia and Legal Links - International.



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