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Nearly every business enterprise aims to be listed on the stock exchange one day. Listing is a symbol of biz success. It is also the ultimate aim of the shareholders to maximize their wealth by maximizing the share price when their shares are listed. This dream can never happen if the company is still kept private.

Moreover, when a company is listed, it can access to public funds and these funds if used properly can help to build competitive strengths by improving market share, innovating new products, investing in higher tech plant & machinery, diversifying risk by expanding to unrelated industries and to to more competitive in the global marketplace.

Before a company can be listed, it must have proper quantitative and qualitative track record and its business model and systems properly organized in a professional manner. In short, you have to prepare a few years to list your company.

There are also a lot of rules and regulations to comply in listing which are determine by the relevant authorities which include the Securities Commission, the Foreign Investment Committee, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Bursa Malaysia, Mesdaq, the
Companies Commission of Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia, etc.

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