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Participating in Stock Discussions and Forums

If you really like to participate in stock discussions and forums, you can visit some of the websites here:


Click and you will find how Malaysia's contra players, the equivalent of US "day traders", are monitoring the ebb and flow of the market. This stock forum are free and open to all but it is unmoderated and unadulterated. This is a popular Malaysia-focused investment Web site with a subscriber mailing list of 16,000. The site and technical analyses are provided by qualified and experienced fund managers, who provide the venture capital funding for this site.


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Instant checking of corporate data of KLSE Plcs

Are you tired of waiting days for corporate information to reach you?;

Do you distrust the rumours and sweeping analyses that pass off as "tips and advice"?;

Are you fed up with business news reporting that often gets it wrong as well as late?; and

Do you want to make your own investment decision on the same day?


Now you do not have to be frustrated. You can check out companies' announcements,  financial reports, and circulars to shareholders and prospectuses on the same hour, same day, free of charge by checking with KLSE Link, the KLSE Listing Information Network.


How to do it?

Click HERE to visit KLSE Link, and thereafter, you can:


search the announcements by:

Date (the best way to get a glimpse of what is happening today)

Company; and

Type (results, entitlements, shareholder filings, ESOS listing, share buybacks)

search annual reports by:

Financial year; and


search and monitors circulars by:



Prospectus; and

Initial public offerings.

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