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The Commodity Exchange & Index

Commodity Exchanges

Commodity & Monetary Exchange of Malaysia (Commex)

The Kuala Lumpur Options & Financial Futures Exchange (KLOFFE)

Malaysian Monetary Exchange Bhd (MME)

The objective of any investments is to maximize the return for investors.

For business people who are owners or shareholders, their ultimate aim is to maximize the shareholders' wealth by maximizing the share price.

You can access to the various types of commodities ranging from Agricultural Produce: Rubber, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Bangkok Rice, Soyabeans, Soya Oil, Wheat; Precious metals: KL tin, gold, silver, platinum, aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc; Financial products: KLSE CI Futures, KLSE CI Options, KLIBOR futures.

The Major Commodity Exchanges in the World


Commodity & Monetary Exchange of Malaysia (Commex)
You can find real-time price information on COMMEX Malaysia's Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Futures and 3-month Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rate (KLIBOR) Futures here.

The Kuala Lumpur Options & Financial Futures Exchange (KLOFFE)

The futures exchange is undergoing change but the most useful item shown on this site is the real-time FKLI index futures prices. Technical chartist can download historical data.

Malaysian Monetary Exchange Bhd (MME)

from Singapore Business Times

It updates the latest commodity prices of KL Tin, Palm Oil, Crude Oil, Bangkok Rice, Rubber, Coffee, Precious Metals and latest news on commodities.

from Bloomberg News

It updates world commodity trading in energy, grains, industrials, livestocks, precious metals and softs around the world.

from Futures Magazine Online

This is a very good site on futures trading and the markets. Pork bellies, oil, grains, stocks are shown here. There is a lot of appeal to technical investors and have simulated futures trading contest for you to try.

Articles on Commodities & Futures Trading

Understanding KLCI futures contracts

What are the dos and don'ts in futures trading?

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