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New Zealand ministries, government department & agencies

NZ Government On-Line

The official gateway to the New Zealand Government.  Search for  government services and functions.  Lists government agencies and departments.  Email contact with NZ Government and it’s agencies.

Commerce Commission

This will give you information on Commerce Commission matters, including a database of all decisions made by the Commission.

Ministry of Economic Development; Commercial Affairs Division

www.companies.govt. nz

Search the Companies Office database, Trade Marks Register, Insolvency Database and Motor Vehicle Securities Register.

Ministry of Economic Development; Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

All about conserving energy. Lists EECA publications and projects.  Also includes a listing of energy consultants.

Ministry of Economic Development; E Commerce

Access to all the Government's e-commerce information.

Ministry of Economic Development; NZ Industrial Supplies Office.

Australia and New Zealand tender opportunities. You can also check this out through the tenders section of the Manfed web site.

Ministry for the Environment

Environmental policy adviser to Government.  Access environmental publications and discussion documents.  Topical issues are the HSNO Act and Climate Change.

Environmental Risk Management Authority

Administers applications under the HSNO Act for Hazardous Substances and New Organisms.

NZ Government Executive

The NZ Cabinet web site.  Lists Cabinet Ministers, their speeches, copies of policy papers and general government information.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Lists NZ representatives abroad, MFaT publications, press releases and how MFaT can help NZ businesses.

Inland Revenue Department

Say no more  -  but have a look at the services provided here, tax information for businesses, tax information bulletins etc.

Department of Internal Affairs

A gregarious collection of information from Antiquities through Gaming and on to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Department of Labour; Industrial Relations Info_Net

Industrial Relations Service Department of Labour.  Information on Industrial relations, Employment Court and Tribunal.

Department of Labour; Occupational Safety and Health Service

Information on OSH matters - important issues for business in NZ.

National Library

Amongst the National Library services have a look at the business services.

National Qualifications Authority

All about the Qualifications Framework.

Foundation for Research Science and Technology

The purchasing agency for the public investment in science and technology.  Check out the funding opportunities for research science and especially the new technology programmes.  Also gives details of  current funding.

Ministry of Research Science and Technology

Adviser to the Government on science and technology policy.

Statistics New Zealand

Detailed NZ statistics and also lists Statistics NZ products and services.

Trade NZ

Assisting NZ manufacturers with exports and market information.

Careers Service

Career information from the Career Information Resources Unit

Y2K Readiness Commission

The Official Y2K website. Access the help you need to solve your Y2K problems

The Governor-General of New Zealand

- Information about the personal representative of the NZ Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand.


- The Hansard database contains the weekly transcript of the debate in the House of Representatives. It also contains the daily written and oral questions asked of ministers and members. The database is added to as documents are released from the Office of the Clerk.

New Zealand Budget 1999

- Latest news and information on the 1999 Budget. Analysis, links, video articles.

New Zealand Government Electronic Commerce

- New Zealand Government resource containing information on electronic commerce, including law, trade, tax, privacy, consumer protection, and help for businesses.

New Zealand Treasury

- Primary economic and financial adviser to the Government. It has operational responsibility for liabilities management, monitoring significant Crown assets, the management and production of the Budget and the Crown Financial Statements and managing relationships with international financial institutions.

No Mandate to Govern

- An article on the alleged "illegal government" in New Zealand. No written NZ constitution was ever ratified by the citizens.

Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

- Advice on the system of agencies established by the Government to manage the allocation, use, and protection of natural and physical resources.


- New Zealand's House of Representatives.

The Political Scene

- The New Zealand political scene which includes why there is no Constitution, the form of Government, the Justice System, and membership in organisations.

Prime Minister of New Zealand

- The official website of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.


- The leading source of NZ Parliamentary press releases, news and analysis.


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