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Trade, Investment & Travel Information


Trade & Investment Info

Economic News

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Economic Data

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National Budgets & Plans

Exchange Control Policies

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You can get updated economic news, reports, statistical data from relevant government agencies; the various trade, investment and exchange control policies affecting industries; vital trade and business links to the world markets and relevant links to the various government departments and agencies of countries throughout the world.



Biz Traveler Convenience

Weather Forecasts & World Time Zone

International Phone Code


Flight Arrivals/Departures (KLIA) Live

Norms & Biz Culture

Currency Converter


We have gathered some essential travel information required by biz people to make their biz plans and meetings a pleasure.

Some of these convenience include the weather of cities, local language commonly used, flight information of planes arrival and departure in KLIA, biz norms and culture and international phone codes to use for communication.


FINMART Biz Advisor vortal took initiatives to compile useful, up-to-date and authoritative industry information and attempt to guide and share these information to all business people who have an interest to do business in Malaysia. Our initiatives will REDUCE your searching time and will assist you to make FASTER decisions FINMART Biz Advisor vortal made it possible for you.

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