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This Free Biz Advice covers most of the common biz problems encountered by biz people conducting biz in Malaysia.  It is based on the biz environment, economics, industry dynamics, biz practices, biz norms, acts, laws, rules and regulations of Malaysia.

The contents of this Free Biz Advice are compiled by the consultants and strategic biz partners of the FINMART Group who have numerous years of experience in finance, marketing, human resource, credit monitoring & debt collection, management, banking, taxation, legal, including the various industries in which they have provide consultancy assignments.


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We provide you with advice on most biz issues faced by biz people, including laws, tax, finance, credit monitoring and debt collection, human resource, mergers & acquisitions, investments, and more ...

Industry Analysis

We provide analysis and technical reports on various industries in Malaysia and the world, and more ...

Gen Biz Intelligence

We provide information on trade, investment policies, exchange controls, national budgets, travelling convenience ... 

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