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Competition and Advertising

Why and how advertising in the right media will increase your competitive advantage...

How Finmart biz advisory vortal is featured in CNN Text?

Until today, CNN News is still the most widely seen biz news in the world and Finmart biz advisory vortal has occupy an exclusive spot in CNN Text about Malaysia. Find out more ...

Why Advertise in Finmart biz advisory vortal?

Companies going for e-commerce want exposure to world markets. Listing in reputable search engines is one option but competing with of millions of advertisers??? CNN text is a better alternative.... 

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Competition and Advertising

Markets are opening up day by day. Trade barriers and restrictions are slowly diminishing with the opening of AFTA and WTO in which Malaysia is a member.

E-business and E-service technology will accentuate the speed up of markets opening up.

Competition is no longer confined to Malaysia but is global. If business entities are not responding to the dynamic changes in the global market place, the threats are real. On contrary, there are abundant business opportunities if you take the world as your market.

Biz dealings will be global. Biz people from around the world who are seeking new biz opportunities will be scouting for new products, new markets and new joint-ventures. In fact, many biz people from North America, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia will come to South East Asia, in particular, Malaysia because we have a politically stable government, rich natural resources, well developed infrastructure, established capital markets, reliable business laws, etc.

To reach customers, every company wants to advertise their corporate profile, products and services in all sorts of advertising media. Apart from the traditional print media, advertising on the Internet is becoming more and more important because the reach is borderless.

However, with thousands and millions of companies putting up their homepages and advertisements on the Internet, it is not easy for biz people to identify and contact you unless ….. you can outshine the competition by positioning and aligning your company’s listing with a reputable media owner.

One such powerful media is the CNN news group. CNN is the world’s leading television news provider with the Internet’s leading news and information Web Site, including CNN text. CNN is available to over 50 million cable and satellite households and in 1 million hotel rooms.

How we are featured in CNN Text?

While watching CNN news on TV, corporate executives and biz people throughout the world who want to know more about Malaysia can turn to CNN Text. When they press the key 8-2-1 on their Internet handset, our FINMART site will appear exactly as below.

Thereafter, CNN viewers can visit our website by keying-in from their Internet handset if they have interactive TV. They can also e-mail, fax or call us at Malaysian time.

You can try to visit our homepage by clicking on as indicated below now !



Why advertise with us?

We help you to increase your competitive edge by re-positioning your advertising media on the Internet. By advertising with us, you will not only be accessed by biz people searching some of most favoured and popular search engines, you will also be accessed by biz people viewing news from CNN and CNN text.

We are more than just a Yellow Page style directory listing.

FINMART’s web-site occupies a strategic position in the “Business Advisory” category of the “Global Business Index” of CNN Text where we can offer business advisory and biz brokering services to all biz people viewing CNN News and CNN Text.

Our FINMART web-site is featured on Page 821 of the Global Business Index on CNN Text.

If you have Teletext facility, you can simply turn to text, whilst viewing the CNN channel, and press the keys "8-2-1" on your handset. Our FINMART web-site will appear as above.

Thus, FINMART’s web-site will provide immense biz opportunities for all biz people in Malaysia who wants to have a competitive edge in accessing to these foreign biz people. To reach this target group, you can do this by advertising your services, your products and your company in FINMART’s web-site.

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