The Industry Players

Malaysia has many competitive advantages. Stable government, rich natural resources, relatively skilled and inexpensive labor, good infrastructure, speed of info technology development and multimedia biz environment, favorable investment and tax incentives, etc……. All these have enable Malaysian manufacturers to produce very high quality products at affordable prices to the world markets.

Our list of Manufacturers, Suppliers & Traders represents the various sub-sectors of the Malaysian manufacturing and contracting industries. It covers a comprehensive and vital sourcing guide with thousands of pages of information on Malaysian made products and their biz contacts.

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Malaysian Manufacturers, Suppliers &Traders


Agriculture, Livestock & Fishery

- plantation, supply of fresh fish, eggs, chicken, meat, rice, fruits, and more ..

Auto Parts & Components

- motorbike, motorcars, trucks and related components, and more ...

Consumer Toiletries
-lady napkins, baby diapers, medical cotton, facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper serviettes, cotton buds and more ...

Ceramic & Porcelain

- flower pots, roofing materials, bathroom accessories, tiles, and more ...

Construction & Property

- contractors, property developers, property maintenance and more ..


- all types of household products including fans, air-conditioners, refrigerators, cookers, and more ...


- semi-conductor parts, precision electronic parts and more ....

Food Products

- seafood, snack foods, bakeries, fruits, canned food and more ..

Corporate Gifts

- art, antique, photo frames, key-chains, management dairies, souvenirs, and more ...


- home, office, wooden, plastic and metal furniture and more .. 

Wood & Timber

- timber extraction, plywood, moulding, timber doors and more ...

Industrial Engineering Services

- forging, casting, metal stamping, toolmaking, heat treatment, storage tanks, couplings and more ..

Iron & Steel

-manufacture of bar mill products, secondary wire products, iron and steel castings; aluminum extrusions, manufacture of tanks and more ..

Mining & Quarry

- conveyor belts, wire-mesh, rollers, ammonia nitrate, quarry equipments and more ..

Plastic Products

- injection moulding, consumer plastic, precision parts, hdpe, polyurethane products and more...

Oils & Fats

- cooking oil, dairy products and more ...


- paper, plastic, metal packaging, labels, and more ..

Rubber Products

- rubber conveyor belts, rubber rollers, gloves, latex and more ...

Industrial Chemical

- paints, acids and more..

Printing & Publishing

Logistics & Transportation

- courier service, lorry transport, shipping, forwarding, and more ...

Textiles & Clothing

- apparel, knitwear, ladies wear, baby & children wear, men's wear and more ...

Building Materials

sanitary wares, ceramic titles, ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, wall paper, and more ...



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