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Links to ministries & government bodies of Malaysia



 Federal Governments


Ministry Of Agriculture

Ministry Of Information

Ministry Of Culture, Arts & Tourism

Ministry Of International Trade & Industry  

Ministry Of Defence  

Ministry Of Land & Cooperative Development  

Ministry Of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs

Ministry Of National Unity & Social Development  

Ministry Of Education  

Ministry Of Primary Industries  

Ministry Of Energy, Communications & Multimedia  

Prime Minister's Department  

Ministry Of Entrepreneur Development  

Ministry Of Rural Development  

Ministry Of Finance

Ministry Of Science, Technology & Environment  

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs  

Ministry Of Transport  

Ministry Of Health  

Ministry Of Works  

Ministry Of Home Affairs

Ministry Of Women & Family Development  

Ministry Of Housing And Local Government  

Ministry Of Youth & Sport  

Ministry Of Human Resource  


State Governments



Online Complaint on Government Departments

Anti Corruption Agency

Customs Department Of Johor

Cabinet & Policy Division Of Sabah

Department of Electricity & Gas Supply

Department of Irrigation & Drainage, Malaysia

Department of Irrigation & Drainage, Sabah

Department of Irrigation & Drainage, Perak

Department of Islamic Development

Department of Land And Mines, Pahang

Department of Survey And Mapping Malaysia

Department of Veterinary Services, Perak

District Office of Penampang, Sabah

District Office of Beaufort, Sabah

District Office of Kluang, Johor

Employees Provident Fund

Malaysian Centre Of Remote Sensing

Malaysian Science & Technology Information Centre

Ministry of Housing & Local Government

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Science, Technology And The Environment

Public Complaint Bureau

Public Complaint Bureau, Sabah

Public Works Department Of Negeri Sembilan

Perak Public Works Department of Perak

Public Works Department of Malaysia

Road Transport Department of Malaysia

State Secretary Office Of Kedah

State Government of Selangor

State Government of Terengganu

Selangor Water Supply Department

Manpower Department


Feedback Form to Government Departments


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