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Investment in Shares, Stocks & Equities

Investment in Commodities

Foreign Currency Quotations

The objective of any investments is to maximize the return for investors. For biz people who are owners or shareholders, their ultimate aim is to maximize the shareholders' wealth by maximizing the share price.

There are various investment opportunities available, but be careful. No investment is risk free. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Therefore, it is important to have adequate knowledge on investments and how to prevent frauds and scams.

You can choose to invest safely in fixed deposits, government bonds; fairly safely in unit trusts, mutual funds and corporate bonds, or to ride along the volatile changes in equities, commodities, derivatives and foreign currencies.

We have gather very useful information on investment and you can get help from our Expert Advice by subscribing as a Member. You can learn how to make smart investments, understand the risk of margin trading, what are derivatives and more ..

You now can access quickly to the fast changing financial information in the various stock exchanges, commodity exchanges, currency quotations, financial links and related regulatory agencies in the world  for FREE. 

Investment in Shares, Stocks & Equities

Here you can find the latest quotations of KLSE stocks and all the major stock exchanges in the world. You can also get useful up-to-date corporate data of companies listed on KLSE and also the networth of some the richest individuals in the world.

Investment in Commodities
Here you can find the latest quotation and market trends of most major commodities, including tin, rubber, palm oil, cocoa, gold, pepper, sago, sugar and financial futures.

Foreign Currency Quotations

Here you can get the latest forex quotations by major banking institutions in Malaysia as well as foreign financial institutions. Forex quotations vary slightly from banks to banks.

Investment in Unit Trusts & Mutual Funds

Investment in Bonds


Financial Links



The World Regulatory Agencies on Financial Markets - by Country



Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority


Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Bundesministerium fur Finanzen


Superintendencia de Valores




Superintendencia de bancos


Securities and Banking regulator


Insurance regulator


Commission des Operations de Boursecob.


La Commission de Controle des Assurances



Hong Kong

Securities and Futures Commission




Financial Services Dept


Securities Commission


Banking and Securities Commission

New Zealand

Securities Commission



South Africa

Securities and Insurance Board


SFSA (Finansinspektionen)


Securities and Futures & Exchange Commission


Capital Markets Board  

United Kingdom 

Financial Securities Authority


Investment Management Regulatory Organisation


Guernsey Financial Services Commission  

United States

Securities and Exchange Commission  


Commodity Futures Trading Commission  


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


NASD regulation


International Organization of Securities Commissions


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