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Trade & Business Links

Trade and biz links are important source of getting new contacts, biz info and biz opportunities.

These links will lead you to the respective chambers of commerce, trade associations, trade organizations, trade commissions, research institutes, trade connections and biz networks around the world. 


Asean Countries

Asia-Pacific Countries

Malaysia, Singapore

Thailand, Indonesia

Philippines, Vietnam


China, Hong Kong

Taiwan, Korea

Japan, Russia,

India, Pakistan

Australia, New Zealand



USA - European Countries

Arabic & African Countries 

United States, Canada

United Kingdom, Italy

France, Germany,

Holland, Belgium

Switzerland, Spain


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Iran, Jordan,

Egypt, South Africa





South American Countries


Argentina, Brazil 



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Trade Links- The World

  Aden Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Borza Business Opportunities Exchange System
Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UKRAINE)
ExportNet (tm) Home Page
FREE International Trade Leads
ImportExport Trade by Tradexpress International
International Business Forum
International TradeNet Business Opportunities
Market Link
Trade Leads Online (Argentina and MERCOSUR )
Global Board of Trade
Trade Venezuela Home Page
Used Equipment Network
World Market Watch - International Trade Analysts
World Trade Centers Association
World Trade Exchange
World Trade Data Base
WTDB – Business Opportunities

  Business Resource Center
Global Recycling Network
IMEX Exchange
Semiconductor Business Association
Trade Compass

Chamber of Commerce & Trade Associations - The World


The Federation of Hungarian Industrialists


Confederation of Indian Industry


Spainish Confederation of Employers' Organisations


Swiss-South East Asian Chamber of Commerce

United Kingdom

Confederation of British Industry