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Like any other country, Malaysia has its own economic planning. The short term plans are the yearly National Budget and long term plans include the 5 year plans, economic recovery plans and industrial mater plans. These plans will help the country to work towards achieving the economic objectives as laid down in our Vision 2020.

All business people and investors who are doing business in Malaysia should know the basic directions of the long term plans and adapting the changing needs in the year to year budgets. The issues and policies in the various plans can affect the nature of competition and the way your you conduct business in Malaysia.

You can access the relevant indicators of the Malaysian economy from the following websites:


General Economics 
Balance of Payment
Prospects for 2001
Consumer Price Index

Fed. Govt. Finance  
Budget 2001
Op. Exp. by Object
Op. Exp. by Sector
Dev. Exp. by Sector
Budget by Ministry

Finance & Banking  
Reserve Money
Loans by Sector
Outs. Loan Prov. & NPL
RM Exchange Rates
External Debt
External Reserves

Other Links :
Economic Report
Department of Statistics
Central Bank

The National Budget

Budget 2000

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