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As Paying Member, you are entitled to a range of Member's Benefits, in particular, access to our CREDIT SEARCH, Market Intelligence Database, Market Place Database and Expert Advice.

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Paying Member Benefits

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When accepted, you can access the following services:

1.   Credit Search
Historical records of those debtors under legal actions as published in our CREDIT WATCH section. It includes the particulars of the debtors, the plaintiff, amount sued, status of the legal case, litigation lawyers, etc.

It compliments your credit control, debt collection policies and managing credit risks.

2.   Expert Advice
Standardized street smart biz solutions, well-designed forms, professionally drafted agreements, opinions and interpretations of laws, rules and regulations offered at very low cost.

3.   Market Intelligence
Statutory and financial information of companies extracted from ROC and intelligence gathering of vital biz and financial information of companies. It includes the strategic moves, marketing tactics, product launches, capacity constraints, people & contact all extracted and compiled from public sources.

This information will give you competitive advantage in knowing what your customers, suppliers and competitors are doing.

4.  Online Biz Consultancy
If our EXPERT ADVICE cannot provide you with solutions to your unique problems, you can pose your questions and real situation by email and we will get professionals and experts to serve your needs at a fraction of the normal cost of engaging a professional.

5.  Discount on Listing Fee
If you wish to advertise your company in our Premium Listing category, we can offer you a 60% discount off the listing fee.

Your listing is subject to:
(i)       it must be for business only, either in selling a product, offering a service or  biz opportunities;
(ii)      it must be in a category available in our The Industry Players and/or The Professionals sections. In the event that your business does not fall under any of the categories, you can email us your request and we may consider adding new categories.


6.  Market Place Database
We will provide you with the name of the company, contact person, phone, fax, email, address, etc. (where available) for you to contact the buyers direct in the respective countries.



YES ! I want to be a Paying Member. How?

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