Biz Personal Assistant Service

Have you encounter the problems while doing business in a foreign country where you are not familiar with the local laws, rules and regulations, business norms & practices, locations of companies, financial credibility of your potential customers or suppliers, bureaucracies of the government agencies, local language and customs, etc….???

Do you feel more comfortable if a Biz PA can assist you by: 


        Pre-arranging your itinerary before coming to Malaysia?

 Checking the background of the companies you intent to deal with?

 Arranging you to meet other similar potential customers or suppliers of the same industry?

 Arranging you to meet the lawyers, accountants or company secretaries for you to understand the local laws, rules & regulations before you sign any contracts or enter into any agreements?

 Arranging you to meet the necessary people in the various government agencies to present your requirements?

Assist you to translate the local official language into English for all government documents?

 Arranging the necessary transport, laptops and phones for you to communicate with your clients?

 Accompany you in all the official visits while you are in Malaysia?

 And many others ….


Even though it may not be the 1st time you are doing business in Malaysia, it is very essential to get a local representative to assist you in all the above matters so that you can utilize your time EFFECTIVELY and complete your assignments within the time allowed.

As your Biz Advisor, FINMART and its biz partners can assist you by providing an English speaking Biz PA to accompany you for all your biz appointments while in Malaysia.

Our Biz PA are well verse with most of the common business laws, rules, regulations, local customs, operating environment and locations of industrial areas.

I want a Biz PA                                  Please Help

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Booking for a Biz Personal Assistant

Registration of Your Itinerary/Meetings while in Malaysia

Biz PA service aims to assist you; the foreign biz people who wish to carry on biz in Malaysia and require FINMART Biz Advisor to assist in the preliminary planning, investigation and/or providing Biz PA. This will enable you to accomplish your assignments more efficiently and effectively within the time allocated while you are in Malaysia.

I agree to register my itinerary/meetings while in Malaysia with FINMART Biz Advisor to source for products, services and business opportunities. Please e-mail us the Registration Form

If you need our help, advice or recommendation, please email us 

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