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Professional Biz Advice

The biz environment today is highly competitive. To compete effectively in the global marketplace which is threaten by the continuous deregulations and increasing use of the Internet, it is important for biz people to have high quality corporate advisors and consultants to assist in the decision making process at all times.

Some of the areas where we have expertise are as follows:


Accounting Advice

understanding Accounting Standards, implement proper control systems, design forms & reports for planning & control and more ....

Credit Advice

check and monitor on legal case as advertised in our CREDIT WATCH (for Members Only), how to design proper credit policy, install credit control systems, street smart tactics in collecting debts and more ...

Company Secretarial Advice

understand what are the powers and responsibilities of directors and shareholders, how to solve disputes and deadlocks in companies, draft proper resolutions and more ...

Funding & Banking Advice

find out where to get money to finance your biz, what types of financial products are available, at what cost? and more ...

E-Commerce & Info-Tech Advice

how to use the Internet, search engines, security while using the Net, e-commerce application and more ..

Taxation Advice

- for Paying Members Only

Human Resource Advice

understand the hiring and firing process, how to handle industrial relations & union matters and other delicate HR issues and more ..

Legal Advice

nearly all biz transactions are regulated by laws, rules, regulations, find out the legal implications of your biz transactions, get sample copy of draft agreements and more .. including intellectual property rights.

Marketing Advice

find out how to create new marketing channels using franchising, direct marketing, Net marketing and street smart marketing tips ..... 

Investment Advice

get the latest quotations of your favorite stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. from KLSE and the various exchanges in Malaysia and through the world, understand how to invest and the risks ..

Mergers & Acquisition Advice

how to buy and sell companies that worth hundreds of millions, how much my company is worth?, what are the requirements of Authorities, and more ...

Receivership & Liquidation Advice

get to know the complications of S176 of the Companies Act, how to restructure and rescue biz and companies in distress and more ...

Initial Public Listing Advice

how to list you company on KLSE or Mesdaq? Does my company qualifies? What are the requirements of the Authorities?

 Government Bodies

- relevant websites


FINMART Biz Advisor vortal took initiatives to compile useful, up-to-date and authoritative industry information and attempt to guide and share these information to all business people who have an interest to do business in Malaysia. Our initiatives will REDUCE your searching time and will assist you to make FASTER decisions FINMART Biz Advisor vortal made it possible for you.

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