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Industry Analysis

Quick access to reliable and accurate market information at Internet speed is power. 

FINMART has a team of consultants, strategic biz partners and industry experts to provide reliable market and biz intelligence information to you. We analyze and provide vital information on the various industries below:


Agriculture, Livestock & Fishery

-plantations, livestock breeders, feed mill producers, machinery suppliers and more .. 

Auto Parts & Components

-motorcars, motorbikes, parts & components manufacturers, distributors  and more ..

Building Materials

-sanitary wares, ceramic titles, ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, wall paper and more ...

Ceramic & Garden Ware

-flower pots, tiles.. 

Construction, Development & Infrastructure

-contractors, property maintenance, toll, power plants and more ...

Electrical & Electronic

-semi-conductor parts, precision electronic parts and more ...

Food & Snacks

-seafood, snack foods, bakeries, fruits, canned food, dairy products, restaurants, fast food, and more ...


-injection moulding, consumer plastic, precision parts, hdpe and more ...


-home, office, garden furniture, sofa, kitchen cabinets, upholstered, chairs and more ...

Wood & Timber

-timber extraction, plywood, moulding, timber doors, sawmilling, veneer sheet, plywood, laminboard, particle board and more ...

Engineering Industry

-forging, casting, metal stamping, toolmaking, heat treatment, vacuum pumps and more ...

Mining & Quarry Parts & Components

conveyor belts, wire-mesh, rollers..


- paper, plastic, metal and more ...

Iron & Steel

-wire products, aluminum extrusions, manufacture of tanks, pressure vessels, pipes & steel structures, engineering of power plants and more ...

Rubber-based Products

-industrial rubber, gloves, latex.

Logistics & Transport

-freight forwarding, courier service, shipping, air, sea, rail and road transport, port facilities, customs procedures and more ...


Textiles & Clothing

-apparel, knitwear and more ...

Industrial Chemicals

-alcohol-based hand sanitizer, cleaning agents, wet/dry vacuum cleaner & floor machines, carpet extraction machine, auto scrubber, high pressure jets, services trolley, washroom accessories, #M floor pads, floor and window cleaning equipment, waste disposal bins


Water & Environment

- water treatment and purification. 

Printing, Printers

printing of books, magazines, book-binders, suppliers of paper, stationery, etc.


FINMART Biz Advisor vortal took initiatives to compile useful, up-to-date and authoritative industry information and attempt to guide and share these information to all business people who have an interest to do business in Malaysia. Our initiatives will REDUCE your searching time and will assist you to make FASTER decisions FINMART Biz Advisor vortal made it possible for you.

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