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Governmental Links

Every country has its own government systems. Different ministries and government departments are in charge of different portfolios. It is good to know where to source for information, get assistance and approvals for biz undertakings while carrying out biz in the country of your choice.

We list below the common ministries and/or government departments of selected countries to assist in your biz dealings.


Asean Countries

Asia-Pacific Countries

Thailand, Indonesia

Philippines, Vietnam

Singapore, Brunei

Loas, Myanmar

Cambodia, Malaysia

China, Hong Kong

Taiwan, Korea

Japan, Russia

India Pakistan,

Australia, New Zealand

USA - European Countries

Arabic & African Countries 

United States, Canada

United Kingdom, Italy

France, Germany

Holland, Belgium

Switzerland, Spain


Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Iran, Jordan,

Egypt, South Africa

Zambabwe, Mauritius

South American Countries


Argentina, Brazil 




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