Malaysia's Policies on Investment

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The Malaysian government has very liberal policies in encouraging investments. There are well defined guidelines for investments in the manufacturing sector, the real estate sector and the financial sector.

Like in any countries, there are rules and regulations governing investments. It is advisable for investors and business people to understand the basics of Malaysia's policies on investments before entering into any transaction. If in doubt, consult our biz partners as listed in "The Professionals"

We have extracted some of the relevant rules, regulations and Ministries responsible that can provide valuable information for decision making.

Investment in The Manufacturing Sector

You can view the government policies and regulations under the Industrial Coordination Act (1975) and the guidelines for approval of industrial projects here ....

Investment in Real Estate Sector

Our biz partner in real estate

Investment in Shares & Commodities Sector

You can view the real time share quotations on KLSE, quotations and finance news on equities, commodities, futures, bonds, unit trusts and more ...

Guidelines of Foreign Investments

You can view the government policies on equity requirements, how  foreign investments are protected and the Investment Guarantee Agreements with member countries.

Incentives for Investments

You can view all the types of investment incentives available. It ranges from manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, tourism, R&D, software development, info-tech, MSC, proprietary rights, training, disposal of toxic waste, OHQ, IPC, shipping and tariff related .... 

The various ministries and government bodies of Malaysia

You can visit any of the Ministries websites here ...

The various government departs and statutory authorities of Malaysia

You can visit any of the Authorities websites here ...



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